Easter Themed Cupcake Box


Sure sure, eggs and the bunny somehow worked their ways into Easter. But we think it's cupcakes' turn! 

Your Easter Themed Cupcake Box comes with six pre selected cupcakes; 

  • Chocolate Confetti with Vanilla Frosting: Vegan / Gluten Free
  • Jordan Almond Nest with Coconut Frosting: Gluten / Dairy Free
  •         The Jordan Almond candies are coated in beeswax. All other ingredients  
  •         used in the Jordan Almond Nest Cupcake are vegan. 
  • Chocolate Raspberry. It looks like a bunny's butt...: Vegan / Gluten Free
  • Strawberry Vanilla. It looks like a bunny's head: Gluten / Dairy Free
  • Carrot: Vegan / Gluten Free
  • Raspberry Rosette: Gluten / Dairy Free 

Everything we offer is always 100% gluten and dairy free 

Our Easter Themed Box is available for pre-order pickup only March 25th through 30th. We are closed Easter Day. 

    -Refunds and/or order changes cannot be issued less than 48 hours before your scheduled pickup date.

    Examples: -You cannot cancel an order the day before your scheduled pick up date
    -You cannot change the flavor of your cake the day before your scheduled pick up date
    -You cannot change your pick up date the day before your scheduled pick up date

    -Unsatisfactory product must be returned for a refund. We will not issue refunds otherwise.
    -We are not responsible for incorrect dates and/or order specifics selected by customers.
    -Unfortunately we do not ship products.
    -Orders that are not picked up will be discarded 48 hour’s after scheduled pickup date.
    -Customers will not be notified if they’ve forgotten to pick up their order.