Cookie Box Delivery (5-7)


What better than a box of Pushkin's GF/DF cookies delivered straight to your home? With free delivery! 


Your Pushkin's Cookie Box comes with the following pastries

  • Chocolate Chip Cookie ($3.25)
  • Mudpie Cookie ($3.25)
  • Double Chocolate Walnut Cookie (Vegan) ($3.25)
  • Cowboy Cookie ($3.25)
  • Crinkle Cookie ($3.25)
  • Oatmeal Cranberry Pecan Cookie ($3.25)

This week's delivery will take place on Thursday (5-7). Your delivery window is between 10am-7pm. All boxes will be delivered sealed. To ensure no contact delivery we will ring the door bell and leave boxes on door step. 

Choose your delivery zip code to see if we are delivering in your neighborhood! 

Unfortunately we cannot modify the flavors in your cookie box and/or add additional items. 

*Contains: Egg, Nuts (Almond Milk, Walnuts, Pecans), Corn (2% Corn Starch in Powdered Sugar), Soy Lecithin (Chocolate Glaze)

Click here for FAQ regarding our delivery services 

-Refunds and/or order changes cannot be issued less than 48 hours before your scheduled pickup date.

Examples: -You cannot cancel an order the day before your scheduled pick up date
-You cannot change the flavor of your cake the day before your scheduled pick up date
-You cannot change your pick up date the day before your scheduled pick up date

-Unsatisfactory product must be returned for a refund. We will not issue refunds otherwise.
-We are not responsible for incorrect dates and/or order specifics selected by customers.
-Unfortunately we do not ship products.
-Orders that are not picked up will be discarded 48 hour’s after scheduled pickup date.
-Customers will not be notified if they’ve forgotten to pick up their order.