Now that you've purchased your item from Pushkin's, what do you do next?
Eat them... :) 
But here are some tips to help ensure your products taste perfect! 
Our products are always sold 100% finish baked. Our products freeze great. But if you plan on eating them within several days of purchase we suggest just wrapping them in clear wrap and refrigerating them. To warm them up simply put them in the oven at 200-250 for 15-20 minutes. Check regularly to see if they're warm. Don't be scared to stick a knife in them. If the knife comes out warm you're set. Do not over cook. 
If you're using a microwave warm up the product in 20 second intervals until done. Do not over cook. 
If you purchased rolls you can warm them up the same way. What we like to do is slice them and warm them up in the toaster. 
Enjoy, and happy Holidays