What is gluten free?

Everything we offer is 100% gluten free. Cookies, cakes, sandwiches, everything. We source all our ingredients to be labeled gluten free from the manufacturer.

What is dairy free?

All of our pastries are 100% dairy free. But, small catch. While our sandwiches are dairy free we do offer dairy cheese as an option. So if you order a sandwich without any options or modifications its going to come dairy free, naturally. You can add dairy cheese if you would like though. We have separate trays/utensils/prep procedures when a sandwich with dairy shows up on the que. Bottom line, because of the dairy cheese option, we're not a 100% dairy free facility.  

But I’m vegan!

Beautiful! About 50% of our pastries are usually vegan, daily. The only difference is some of our products contain egg, so just avoid those. We use almond milk instead of dairy milk and all our sugars are naturally vegan.

Do you guys make cakes?

You better believe it! Here’s a link to the cake section on our website. If you would like to place an order feel free to give us a call or come in. Any of our team members can help you with placing your order. We do not take orders via email. View our cake page for more info. 

Do you guys make custom cakes?

So heres the deal with “custom.” We’re 100% all natural meaning we do not use artificial colors, fondant, etc. So to get the perfect Finding Nemo or Princess cake you’re looking for…it’s not going to come from us. Instead, our cakes have a more natural and rustic look with pastel based natural coloring.

What about cake tastings?

We do not offer cake tastings. Instead, we suggest you come in at your convenience and try a selection of our cupcakes as they taste the exact same as our wedding cakes. If you try something you like and would like to place an order you can either do it then or give us a call later to place your order. 

Do you guys take orders?

Absolutely! Whether it’s 50 sandwiches or 4 cookies, we have you covered. Give us a call. 916-376-7752

All orders must be place at least 48 hours in advance. We often book up days in advance. Order cancelations with less than 48 hours cannot be refunded. 

Do you guys deliver?

Unfortunately we do not offer delivery.

Where are you located?

1820 29thSt. Sacramento Ca. 95816 next to the Sacramento Food Co-Op sandwiched between Temple Coffee and Revolution Wine.

There’s a restaurant too?

Yep! From the success of our bakery we decided to open a restaurant! Of course it’s 100% gluten free! 1813 Capitol Ave, Sacramento www.pushkinskitchen.com

What’s the deal with donuts?

We also own Babes Ice Cream & Donuts at 2417 J St, Midtown 


Check out our sandwich menu here. If you’re in a rush give us a call 10 minutes ahead of time and we’ll get your sandwich started for you.

So I’m allergic to everything? What can I have?

Alrighty, so of course you do not have to worry about the gluten and dairy. If you’re allergic to nuts, we use almond milk in almond everything. There are several cookies we offer that are nut free (Chocolate Chip, Crinkle, Mud Pie) and that’s about it. If you need to be soy free that’s pretty easy. The only soy we have is soy lecithin in our chocolate chips and sprinkles. You just need to avoid anything with chocolate chips or melted chocolate (ganache) to have a soy free item. We do not use any preservatives or artificial ingredients.

Nutritional information

Unfortunately we do not provide nutritional information on our products.

 Special diets

Unfortunately we do not cater to any special diets other than being gluten free, dairy free, and/or vegan. We do not offer anything that is sugar free or low in calories. 

Can I have your recipes?

Can we have your social?... Just kidding. But seriously, we get this asked a lot and we do not give out our sacred recipes. We keep them locked in an underground vault. 

Donate to our community garage sale, please?


Return policy 

On all orders we require 48 hour cancelation notice for refunds. Everything is made to order. So a cancelation at the last minute is kind of tough on us. We hold products for 48 hours if they are not picked up. After that they are thrown away. If you are unhappy with your purchase you are welcome to bring it back. If we find we made a mistake with the product we are happy to either refund you or make you a new product. All refund requests need to be made within 48 hours of order pickup. 

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