Delivery FAQ

Hey all you cool cats and kittens....We've received a lot of questions regarding our delivery services. So, here's our attempt to answer every question imaginable...

Q. When do you deliver? 

A. Please check the delivery service you chose for your delivery date.  

Q. Why is my address not in your delivery range? 

A. Because Amazon was busy and couldn't deliver for us... :) We're just a bakery paying our staff to drive around and deliver for free. We're very proud to be delivering to more than 40 zip codes, but unfortunately, do have limitations. 

Q. What time should I expect my delivery?

A. Please check the delivery service you chose for your delivery window. 

Q. Will I be notified when my delivery is on its way?

A. Unfortunately we do not have the ability to tell you when your box has left the "terminal" nor how many stops away it is :) 

Q. What if I want to check on the status of my delivery?

A. Unfortunately we make your donuts at our Production Bakery which is not open to the public. You're welcome to call our retail Bakeries, but they will not know where your delivery is. 

Q. How is my order delivered?

A. By a Pushkin's Team Member in a sealed box. 

Q. Every time I try to place an order its "sold out." What the heck? 

A. Right now we only have the capacity to sell 200 boxes per delivery day. Trust us, if we could sell more, we would. Orders usually go fast! Last week we sold out in 22 minutes. Check our social media accounts. We post on there when delivery ordering has opened up. 

Q. How do I update my delivery information?

A. Please send us an email via the contact page with any updates you would like to make. Gate codes / directions in complexes are very helpful. 

Q. Will Olga be delivering my order? I want Olga to! 

A. Theres a 1 in 8 chance she will be your delivery driver. 

Q. I like to watch Wheel of Fortune really loud. What if I don't hear you at the door? 

A. We'll ring the door bell twice, then give you a call. If no one answers we will leave the box on your door step. We are not responsible for orders that are missing gate codes, apartment numbers, missing phone numbers, and/or stolen products. If we cannot complete your order because we cannot access your delivery address we will drop your box off at the closest Pushkin's for you to pick up. 

Q. Can I modify the flavors in my box?

A. Unfortunately we do not offer modifications. 

Q. How do I cancel my order?

A. We just ask that you email us 24 hours in advance and we will gladly cancel and refund your order. Any requests made with less than 24 hour's notice (8am previous day) unfortunately we cannot honor. 

Q. Is your Midtown Bakery still selling donuts on Sundays?

A. You better believe it! 

Q. Are all the donuts vegan?

A. You better believe it! 

Q. Are all the pastries vegan? 

A. Not all the pastries are vegan. Though, everything we offer is gluten and dairy free!